Know all of the benefits of being one of our distributors with us you will get the success.

Interested in becoming a distributor?

We offer to our distributors large benefits and they will reach success with our equipment. Don't think it twice, come to talk with a sales adviser and join this great company.

What are the benefits?

1.- Access to the special prices, with average earnings of an average 40%.

a) wins in the sale of the GPS equipment

b) wins in the provision of lodging service for

GPS information.

c) wins in the service of facilities.

2.- Access to an account management platform to manage the service to their customers.

3.- Commercial and technical support.

Options to offer your customers:

MAX4 knows that each company has different needs that is why we offer two variants to suit them, these have been designed for large enterprises as well as those of lower volume.

1. Hosting Service

You get all the tools of the Maxtracker platform without the need to install software.

We think that deploy servers and centers for development or programming may seem a bit too complicated for most of the companies. So we do the most simple from the handling and storage of data, servicing to the servers, perform upgrades, patches, and everything that the enterprise support you may require for your business in the technical area or informatics.

Designed and developed for entrepreneurs.

The GPS tracking platform Maxtracker has been designed with the entrepreneur and user.

Starting from the installation and execution based from our servers, everything can be customized to fit your needs or those of your customers, these settings can be corporate image, integration of GPS devices, this way you can focus on other areas of your business and we focus on support it.

2. Solution IN-HOUSE

Designed and developed for large companies.

Do you need to have total revision of your vehicles, protect your database, check the security settings and


We can adjust the platform exactly to these requirements and needs and install all of this for you.

The option of having the platform within their servers is because you count with a company with a high number of fleets to check, this alternative is more directed to a governmental entity or large corporate that even have branches, in such case it is likely that it may need to develop a platform for GPS tracking, we can expand and modify the platform according to these needs this allows you to create different levels or scales of development in addition to bear the burden of information and data migration with the server.

Main features:

  • This option does not require any payment or monthly payment.
  • From your server you have a complete solution for tracking GPS.
  • Trace to specialized companies thousands of devices with a platform completely appropriate to their needs.

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Max4 we are a company with a firm foundation in technological development. Located in the center of Mexico we have presence throughout Latin America in countries like Perú, Ecuador, Colombia, Honduras and Costa Rica.

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