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MaxTracker Platform

System for tracking and logistics control

1. Using the system you get: real-time location every minute for GPS (through the use of his/her own user id and password).
2. You can use your system for: tracking of persons, vehicles or merchandise
3. Get yourself the history of movements of your vehicles and complete reports of driving habits.
4. Monitor parameters of the unit:
  • Use of actual fuel
  • Temperature of cold boxes
  • Special sensors

A tool of great value

- Is steadily losing money without even realizing it - Detect fuel theft - Removes dead times - Monitor routes and prevents misuse - Retrieves in the event of theft (process that the end user will be held) - Optimizes your costs of operation return
Return of investment between 6 and 12 months.

Focus of valuable data

- Report Tolls database with all the houses in the country , reporting time of entry and departure time.
- Fuel consumption and type of driving of the driver. Without installing external sensors in the fuel tank generated hazards and failures . Savings of up to 7 % and real data .
- SMS unlimited communication with the driver.
- Report routes , speeds, stops , georutas , custody , performance, maintenance of the units , beginning of activity, etc.
- Reports scheduled to be sent by email.
- Alarms smsen case of speeding, output geofencing, activation of sensors.
- Developments tailored to their needs.
- Unlimited access 24/7.
- Support and monitoring 24 hours with 2 lines 01800 .

Más de 100 equipos compatibles

- SkyPatrol
- Queclink
- SkyWave
- Calamp
- Laipac
- Suntech
- Sanav
- Muchos más.

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What makes it different and functional??

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Why choose MaxTracker?

Only we offer you:
  • Total domination of technology
  • You may track with times of report from 10 seconds.
  • You as an end user, you can monitor in real time the cost of fuel, yields accurate, on-time and in idle of your machines to diesel.
The data are taken directly from the computer with ECM protocol SAE1708 of the vehicle, they are not estimates or we don’t even deploy expensive sensors as others do.
  • Specialized Sensors of collision, temperature, and actuated additional equipment on your units (Power Take-off, pumping, etc. )
  • System enabled to interact with other computer systems that you already have as CRMs, ERPs, POSs
  • We offer technical support in the service and equipment warranty.
  • Vector maps and satellites are updated each month with all the localities that have more than 2000 inhabitants./li>
  • Server option in the client facilities for monitoring stations own and independent
  • Platform in constant growth and open to specialized developments for your company.

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About Us

Max4 we are a company with a firm foundation in technological development. Located in the center of Mexico we have presence throughout Latin America in countries like Perú, Ecuador, Colombia, Honduras and Costa Rica.

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